Growing up in the Mendip Hills in Somerset, Nikki graduated with a degree in Illustration before embarking on a teaching career. Her passions for the outdoors, art and education are nurtured through her ideal location in the Norwegian fjords.

Until April 2010, Nikki lived in the harbour town of Ilfracombe in North Devon before moving to Italy and then the Swiss Alps. Harbours, coastal paths, lakes and mountains have provided endless inspiration for her work.

The techniques that she has used are diverse, but there are two recurrent themes in all of her work – dynamic use of colour and a deeply personal response to nature. Nikki’s late father’s passion as an architect continues to impact her work, with recent paintings demonstrating her genuine fascination with structure and form.

Familiar places appear in Nikki’s work time and time again. Derived from a desire to form a relationship with the places she paints, there is an underlying need to feel a sense of home and belonging.


Nature is ever-changing. By constantly revisiting the same places, this becomes more apparent; there is a heightened energy in the sky, sea, mountains and land that contains its own pace.

I have been fortunate to live in beautiful places; Somerset, North Devon, Italy, Switzerland and now Norway. I take time to absorb my home; running, hiking or cycling over cliffs and up mountains, I am constantly presented with the beauty and flux of nature. My work attempts to capture the ever-changing light, the shapes and patterns which absorb me as I seek to build a relationship with my surroundings.  The absence of figures adds to the sense of solitude, reflecting my ongoing dialogue with what it means to belong and call a place ‘home’.

My fascination in abstraction is pursued through an ongoing engagement in achieving a balance between topographical detail and geometric construction. Current works further explore ideas of transience and shelter, with deconstructed shapes taken from local day huts merging with detailed landscapes.